Monday, April 20, 2009

Strike Force Commander turns 3! I turn 39!

It's April 20th and I'm an old man. I was born 39 years ago this very day. My skirmish game was started 3 years ago to the day. Neither it nor I are published to this day, but that's ok. It's still there, and when my D&D frenzy calms down, I'll start back in.

I spent the day watching my new Justice League Unlimited season 2 dvd and doing not much of anything.

I do have some ebay auctions going up tonight and tomorrow to pay off the rest of the engagement ring. You can see my massive FOW auction here

Other than that, not much to report. I also got a Druid Overseer fig for my birthday and will convert it to be Karnus Hornwrath for our D&D game.

I'll post more when I get more painted.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Greetings sports fans!!!

I have been a frakkin' work zombie of late. I've been stressed, depressed, and wholly unfocused on painting much.

But the good news is I'm playing 4th edition D&D! Never thought I'd do that again, but I'm so impressed by the new rules and am so in need of geek game time with other geek gamers that I'm in balls deep.

Yeah, I'm gonna tell you about my character now. Because that's a frakkin' requisite. My first character was an homage to my very first D&D character from the red basic boxed set back in 1982. He was an elf, mainly because I was a skinny little elf kid, named Jen Silverleaf. I then later had a character with AD&D named Greyshade who was an elf magic-user thief. So for 4ed my first character was an Eladrin Rogue who planned on multi-classing into Wizard at 2nd level. I called him Wychwood and gave him a mysterious patron from the Feywild who sends him out as an agent.

Wychwood was meant to be a team game character but I played him with my buddy The Q when he stayed the weekend down here. Wychwood died and was brought back by a raise dead ritual and is now pretty psychologically unstable and fey to boot.

So, for my other campaign, I'm playing a half-orc Druid named Karnus Hornwrath who belongs to the same Feywild order that Wychwood does. He recently sent Wychwood packing back to the Feywild and is now joined with Phariom, Tinbok (his cousin), Gok & Stormfang in search of some elf chick who he'll likely try to hump in his Stagman wild shape.

I painted up a Wychwood fig, but he recently took a tumble off of the gaming table and got chipped up. I think I'll strip him and repaint him. I'm gonna get a Karnus fig this weekend for my birthday and when he's painted I'll post him.

Semper Fi, carry on!