Monday, January 26, 2009

Project Engagement Ring!!!

Here's the scoop: I've been pouring all of my money into my professional practice for the past two years and have not purchased an engagement ring for my Babydoll. This is no longer acceptable to me, so I'm selling everything I have to in order to raise the funds to get us officially engaged.

Here are the first of a slew of great auctions.

Please spread the word!


Got the flu and feeling blue

I feel icky. I'm afraid to fart. Got some kinda stomach flu that's giving me the trots. So, I'm home today taking care of myself and staying within striking distance of my toilet.

Yeah, you probably didn't need to hear that, but part of you is mildly amused anyway...

Maybe I'll go upstairs and continue painting on my spacemen and TYW figs. Maybe I won't. Feeling kinda mentally blah as well as physically blah.

I'm happy with the way the minis are looking so far, now I just need to finish them.

I've decided on a name for my space crew: Captain Judge and the crew of the Final Verdict.
Yeah, its cheeseball, but it should sound cooler when the whole 11 man/woman unit is finished.

I'll have to get off my ass and finish Strike Force Commander so I can use them to playtest the Epic Heroes Sci-fi/Fantasy/Pulp supplement.

Well, for today I'll just remove any and all expectations of myself and enjoy the day as best as my bowels will let me.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lazy day at home

This is the first time in my life that I have been able to have Martin Luther King, Jr. day off with pay! Wowweee!

So, here I am on the couch having just awakened from a big fat nap. Oh, what a joy indeed! Earlier I watched Shoot 'Em Up! for the first time. What a ridiculously AWESOME action movie! It is so over the top that you just have to roll with it. Definitely made for guys. Chicks will get radiation burns from touching the remote if they watch this movie.

Speaking of chicks, me and Babydoll went to Reno this weekend to see our friends and just hang out. We had a great time as usual. Now I'm just a couch warmer.

I'm having a mad debate as to whether or not I should lay here and surf the net or go upstairs and paint my TYW figs and spacemen conversions. I should shower as I stink. I should also walk the dog, as I promised her I would. But all of that would mean I would need to get my lazy ass off of this sofa.

I just finished an awesome book by Eric Flint called 1632. My friend Roman turned me on to the series. I'm now starting a David Edding's book with Sparhawk that my brother Q turned me on to. I've been reading more fiction of late than probably ever before. I have too much real world shite in my head and I guess I need to balance it out.

I had a 45 second urge the other day to play D&D. It then soon passed. Wierd.

I'm having some angst over painting my Blue Moon Spacemen conversions. I decided to paint them in three different color groups and tie them together with their equipment harness and oxygen tank colors of a dark brushed metal. I went with Red for Command & Control, Blue for Sciences, and Dark Yellow/Gold for Engineering. Yes I lifted it straight from Star Trek, and I have no shame about it either. I'm in an artistic panic because I like my units to look uniform, and I don't take artistic chances ever! I mean ever!

Well, gonna go shower and walk the dog. Might even put on some clothes....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I am not a number! I'm a FREE MAN!!!

Well, I've had one helluva week thus far. I've been non stop at work, kinda like the Punisher : Warzone movie. I'm utterly fried. I have no motivation to do any game writing or painting right now, even though I'm pretty damn close to finishing my current additional 5 thirty years war models that I have on the desk.
I'm also working on 11 models of a special project that has me nervous because I'm taking what I consider an 'artistic' risk. I don't take 'artistic risks' because I'm really not that creative when it comes to my paint work. My technique may be solid, but my ability to paint outside the box is fairly limited. I am attracted to realistic paint jobs on my figs, even if they are sci-fi or fantasy miniatures.
So this secret project is a real chance taker for me! I'll reveal it only when all 11 models are finished.
Now take a moment of silence to observe the passing of Patrick McGoohan who died Tuesday. His series The Prisoner is one of the best shows I've ever watched. ..........................................
Moment complete.
Be seeing you!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Some years ago my little brother Alan and I were playing in a D&D 3rd edition game set in Greyhawk. I decided to play a Cleric of Cuthbert who was bald, wore heavy armor, and wielded a warhammer. Yeah, sure I was influenced by Warrior Priests of Sigmar from Warhammer, but what's a geek gonna do?

I called him Judge and he was a stern eyed badass. Sure, he was low level but he carried his balls in one hand and his hammer in the other. He had an Iron Cross branded or tattooed on his forhead (I don't remember which). Cuthbert's holy symbol was an equilateral cross and wearing it on his forehead was a lifestyle choice...

I attempted to make a suitable miniature of Judge, and was very close to finishing one, but just didn't quite get there for my taste. I ended up creating a Black Templar Chaplain that I named Judge and took a mild Eternal Champion attitude about this bald bastard who leveled evil to save Mankind, all the while chastizing Mankind for its lazy ineptitude! Not a very well liked guy, but then again, neither is the Punisher.

Here's Chaplain Judge in the flesh:
So this is the last piece of my Black Templars remaining. Haven't played in years, didn't like the new rules, yada yada....couldn't sell him off. He's like an alter ego for me. Sold the rest of the army, but not Judge.

While I like the look of the new Warhammer Empire Warrior Priest with Greathammer, I still need a real Judge model I can call my own. Something for Fantasy in addition to what I have for Sci-Fi.

The other day I was surfing miniature sites, since I had a big, busy day at work and lacked any psychological strength whatsoever upon returning home. So in my surfing I discovered a miniature range by Gamezone Miniatures that is pretty hit and miss, IMO, on its coolness factor.

The chaos knights are wicked cool and remind me of the original GW Warhammer Chaos Knights. Some of the other figs are so so. The Silvanus models are gorgeous, and I will have to use them as Wardancers at some point.

But for me, the coup de grace was finding Judge. In fact, he's even cooler than I thought. Now he's mounted, so I still need to get the GW one on foot and model him up a bit, but this guy is the cat's ass!!!

He's the bomb and a half! That hammer says 'AMEN' on the side of it. I sure wish I had thought of that when I created Judge back in that D&D game.
He's on his way from FRP Games right now. He's the last miniature I'm going to buy until I get my sweetheart an engagement ring.
Go forth and smash your way to victory!