Monday, November 12, 2007

Fix Bayonets!!!

Yeah, I finally got bit by the 18th Century gaming bug. It was really unavoidable.

It started with my deep seated love of the American War of Independence, being a Yank & all. Then it flanked me with my love of all things Holy Roman Empire/Austria-Hungary. Then it finally busted a .75 calibre round into my ass with the age of Marlborough & Eugene of Savoy putting the pain to the French. And don't forget that one of my Hall of Fame movies is the Last of the Mohicans....

So, with my continued, but slow, writing of Strike Force Commander, I was finally tempted to start formally reading about the period. The War of the Spanish Succession is cool. Way cool. And I'm a sucker for Tricorne hats!

So, I don't know when I'll get some figs & paint them, but I'm feverishly writing SFC so I can get a playtest group together and maybe get a published game out next year.

Fix Bayonets!