Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weekend of Awesome Coolness and Delight

OR God its good to have the friends I have.

My Babydoll & I drove up to Reno this past weekend to see our friends. I spent all day Saturday with my Boyz. We hung out and played pool, then went over to Q's pad and played Rock Band.

Now, as a drummer of 16 years I must say that playing drums on Rock Band is nothing like the real thing. In fact, I did better on vocals than on drums by a damn sight.

Thanks go out to Q for hosting. He lives in the apartment that is above the one I lived in when I was there from 2005-2006. Funny co-incedence that. It was so weird to drive up there.

All in all I had the best time in a long time hanging with my adopted brothers Scott, Gib, Matt (Q), Alan, Chas (WebOgre), & Joe.

Traveling with Babydoll is always the best time. I'm truly a joyous soul these days.

Unfortunately, the tragedy of the trip was when I broke my radio controlled Batmobile. Snapped the steering wheel off on a paving stone. Gotta pop the thing open and see if it can be fixed.

All told, it was a deeply rejuvenating trip with no talk of work or my game at any point. Just good time spent with great friends.

Noch Weiter!