Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving thoughts

Today is my favorite holiday. Why? Because of something I read years ago. I saw it in a calendar of daily aphorisms. I don't recall the author, but it said, "If Pride is the greatest sin, then Ingratitude is the most common."

The other reason Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday is that I think the act of consciously stopping to recognize what you have, and being grateful for it, regardless o...
f your theological or philosophical bent, is a powerful psychological reset.

And I love gravy, and this is the most gravy laden holiday of the year.

I am grateful for the love in my life. For the people in my life. For my ability to walk, talk, think, and feel. For the country I live in, and the freedoms I enjoy. I am also grateful for the problems, challenges, sufferings, and pain that I have had in my life, which has given me cause to rise to the occasion and to become a stronger, wiser, and healthier man. And a grizzled old bastard.

Be grateful for your life, because someone, somewhere is wishing they had what you have, troubles and all.

Happy Thanksgiving. :)