Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Painting again and it feels so good....

Well, I've got some new stuff I should be able to post by the weekend. I know! Have a gasp that I'm actually putting up pics of new minis!

I finished painting up our D&D 4E party, the Raven Guard - and will have pix of them up first.

I'm painting up some Marauder Miniatures Dark Elves to use for playtesting my Strike Force Commander rules for the Ancient/Medieval period. Using fantasy figs for a historical game is just a guilty pleasure and will give me a ready made force to use when we start playtesting the SciFi/Fantasy rules for SFC later this year.

In the mean time, Drew, Bob & I are ordering some Imperial Romans and Celts from the greatest shop in the world - The Launchpad - to duke it out in Period 1 for SFC with more historical accuracy than Dark Elves bring to the board.

Just an aside, I put together our D&D party in SFC terms and it worked crazy good. Drew put together the Far Striders - a rival group from the campaign - and we threw down. Jotan Silverhammer was the start of the show with his Riposte Trait from his Sword working nicely with his Press the Attack Trait. Stabby-mc-stabby-stab.

Stay tuned for more goodness and mayhem.

Noch Weiter!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cool Name Generator

Pokin' around the net today and found this site:


It's a random name generator. Pretty neat.

More updates on the way.

Noch Weiter!


Saturday, June 26, 2010


Just when you thought I'd fallen off the earth (well I did, but then I got back on...) here I am to announce that my Historical Man-to-Man skirmish game, Strike Force Commander, was printed into existence by 16 copies last month.

My copyright application is pending, and the boys are currently playtesting it some more, since it's been a couple of re-writes since they got to see the finished product.

So far the feedback is about what I expected, especially since the first printing has nothing fancy looking to it. Pictures and diagrams will come later this year, after I'm convinced that all of the kinks have been worked out of the rules.

Some of the feedback from the playtest group in Reno has been positive and very helpful.

I think this game will please a good cross section of historical gamers and eventually a lot of sci-fi & fantasy players.

I'll be putting up a new SFC blog page to track the game's progress specifically in the near future.

Stay tuned.

Noch Weiter!