Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back in the saddle again!!!

Well, I've been a busy bastard of late. Actually, those of you who know me know that I'm always a busy bastard. However, I'm recommitting myself to the wargaming hobby in an attempt to reduce my stress level and avoid a heart attack.

Strike Force Commander is still in playtest, but going at a slow pace. Chas & Joe have been on vacation and Scott and I have had some solid development discussions in their absence.

My idea to do a Sci-fi/Fantasy expansion as my first release after the game itself has taken over my wracked brain. I've dug out all of my Traveller books and am reading The Butcher's Bill by David Drake at present. Hovertanks kick ass! Yes, I have serious Sci-fi brain.

The Dark Knight was flawless and I saw it 3 times in a row last friday. Bale was perfection in and out of the suit. He really showed his ability to shift between the two roles without the costume.

A couple weeks ago I dropped 200 bucks on figs. It had been awhile and I had sold off a gob of VS Sytem cards & Heroclix figures, since I rarely play either anymore. My intent was to buy Seven Years' War Austro-Hungarians and Prussians to use for SFC....

Well, did I say I have Traveller on the brain? I bought 12 models per side of the SYW armies listed above and the rest of the money I blew on non-Games Workshop sci-fi minis.

I bought the Spacemen from Blue Moon Manufacturing, 3 Infinity Nomad infantry, 3 Infinity Haqquislam infantry, 2 Urban Mammoth/Void Viridian characters, and 3 Rackham Duellists that will double as Traveller Imperial Nobles. Yeah, I went kinda nuts.

I dug out my remaining GW figs that consist of IG Cadians, some Inquisitors and some SM Scouts, all in metal. Now I need to buy one of the new plastic scout boxes to use with a Cadian Shock Trooper sprue or two to make uber cool conversions.

I've also had a real resurgence of my need to play a SFC skirmish with Wood Elf Wardancers....god I've fallen off the wagon.

So much for a guy who swore off anything but historicals, eh?

Well, here are a few snap shots of the figs I've put together. Notice the wild idea I got to make grilled flooring for the scifi figs using wooden rounds as bases with plastic needlepoint canvas sheeting for the flooring. I was pretty proud of the idea and how cheap it was. I have since seen that its not an original idea as some dude used the same stuff for his scifi building interior flooring. Why do I even try to be original?

Well, I'm gonna sign off for now. Check out the pix below and my two Ebay auctions that are really good deals for the money.

Noch Weiter!