Saturday, April 30, 2011

Play testing with Drew

So my buddy Drew came over today and we threw down with some Strike Force Commander Period 1, and used our Fantasy minis instead of our Romans and Gauls.

Drew brought 5 Elf Cavalrymen with a mix of Bows and Spears. I brought the Judicial Champions, human foot knights.

Drew used the plastic High Elf Reaver models from the Island of Blood boxed set by Games Workshop.

I used my old Marauder range Reiksguard foot knights. Here's my starting roster. We started a Campaign and set the standard 500 Supply Point starting level. I used a Standard Force Organization and Drew used Elites. We both got the 25 SP bonus for naming our guys and coming up with a Theme.

Judicial Champions – Standard Force Organization – 525 points

Ernst Reimer – Knight Commander – 5/6/4 ARM(5) 101SP

Commander, Myrmidon, Endurance

Medium Armor, Large Shield, Wargavel (Bludgeon), Extra Rations

Tristan Volk – Knight Veteran – 5/4/4 ARM(3) 86SP


Medium Armor, Great Wargavel (Great Bludgeon), Extra Rations

Matthias the True – Knight Veteran – 5/4/4 ARM(3) 71SP

Medium Armor, Great Wargavel(Great Bludgeon), Extra Rations


Gunter von Schloss – Knight Initiate – 4/3/5 ARM(3) 77SP


Medium Armor, Great Sword, Extra Rations

Brunner – Knight Initiate – 4/3/4 ARM(3) 72SP


Medium Armor, Great Sword, Extra Rations

Hargen Jaeger – 5/3/3 – Novice ARM(2) 59SP

Rapid Reload

Light Armor, Heavy Crossbow, Knife, Extra Rations

Griff – 5/3/3 – Novice ARM(2) 59SP

Rapid Reload

Light Armor, Heavy Crossbow, Knife, Extra Rations

Commander 101SP

Veterans 147SP

Troopers 277SP


We played two games. The first was a Recon Mission, and I was the Sentry player and Drew was the Intruder. The game went to the SitRep of Turn 5 when I voluntarily Routed. Drew had Wounded 3 of my models, Griff, Matthias the True, and Brunner. I took out only one of his riders.

He suffered no Injury in the After Action Report. Unfortunately, my boys weren't so lucky. Brunner got Recuperation and had to miss the next game. Matthias the True was renamed Matthias the Defiant, because he went 3 Turns engaged in melee combat against two of Drew's horsemen before going Wounded. He suffered an Internal Bleeding Injury. But poor Griff suffered a Cranial Fracture and in addition to having his CBT and CMD Ratings each reduced by one point, he also lost a Trait, which was Rapid Reload, and had to miss the next game. Brutal, but not fatal, which was the next result on the table had I rolled worse than I did!

Game two was a Retrieval Mission, and despite some stupid vengeance attempt on my part, I was able to pull out a victory. I accidentally played with Brunner, but he got charged and wounded and Drew got the Experience for taking him out, so it all balanced out.

All told the new Campaign rules worked out really well. After two battles, we both ended up with the same Reputation points of 638, and are ready to fight again.

Great games and good times!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

41 & 5!

That's right, true believers, I turned 41 today, and Strike Force Commander turns 5!

Five years ago I set out to make the best damned skirmish game ever. Soon enough we'll see how that turned out.

Keep checking back, cuz I just might post some official sneak peeks at the rules!

Noch Weiter!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Got the flu...

Monday afternoon it struck at the gym. By the time we were half way through our D&D game I was beat.

Just keeps hanging on. I refuse to ask Father Nurgle for aid!

For Sigmar! For Karl Franz!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

No New Paints, but new Rules galore!

Here we are coming up on the 5th Anniversary of Strike Force Commander's origin.

The good news is that I'm finished with the Trauma Table and am actively working on the rest of the Rest & Resupply section of the Campaigns chapter.

Which means that I don't have any new paint on minis, but I have bought a gob of old Marauder Miniatures Fighters to add to my Reiksguard, as well as some old Warhammer & D&D modules to help cultivate ideas for my Epic Heroes supplement.

I passed my kidney stone successfully. 5-6mm it was. I'll post a photo sometime in the near future.

And I've been out of town a lot for work. So, all told, I'm just quietly collecting new models and prepping my ruleset for use later in the month.

Noch Weiter!