Monday, May 28, 2007

Works in progress; or, why I have nothing new to show you.

So, its been awhile since I've painted anything. In fact, its been over a year. I have an excuse: one hot girlfriend. Well, and that we moved states and started new careers. So, I'm a bit tapped.

However, my free time has really been filled with writing my Historical Skirmish game Strike Force Commander. I want to publish it in 2008, preferably prior to Historicon.

So, between writing that and reading stuff pertinent to it, I've been out of the painting loop. However, with my new found interest in putting brush to pewter, I'll be starting up again. Only this time it will be for my own game, rather than to play someone else's. That's deeply satisfying.

I'll likely only contribute commentary to this site infrequently. I'd rather let pictures of my minis do the talking.


So it begins

Well, I'll admit, I'm not too hip with the blogging thing. My brother, WebOgre, suggested it though, since it seems the other gits who paint minis are doing it too. Since I've yet to get any decent market share of the Internet for this sort of thing, he thought it might be a good idea.

Since WebOgre is full of good ideas, I figured it was time. I also finally figured out how to create some not-half-bad photos of my figures.

So, enjoy. And don't bitch too much.