Sunday, October 14, 2007

Attack of the WebOgre!

Well, I was over joyed when my brother Chas crawled over the Sierra Nevada Mountain range to spend the weekend with me and my Babydoll.

It's been some months since we got to hang, and we had a blast. He was gonna go to a Flames of War tourney that was advertised as being on Saturday in Sacramento, but the game store that was hosting didn't have it down until Sunday.

Needless to say, we canvassed the Bay Area & the Central Valley for cool hobby shops/game/comic stores. Turns out the places that had what we wanted were right in my back yard of Sacramento. Viking Hobby is awesome. Jessica & Mark do a great job with the place and are always great to talk to. We highly recommend them. And, many issues of Wargames Soldier & Strategy later, me & the Ogre drove back to Lodi to playtest Strike Force Commander.

We had a great time, determined the game, thus far, is really balanced, and discussed ways to improve on the rules. Now I have more typing to do. But having a sweet ruleset to play any time period is highly motivating.

Then, sadly, this morning the WebOgre hustled back over the hill.

I had a great weekend. Thanks, Bro!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Busier than a Whore on Dollar Night!

Yes, strange things are happening in my world. I'm really focused on other things of greater import than my hobbies.

So, I'll know more in the next week or two and will let you all know. In the mean time, keep at it and so forth.