Monday, April 21, 2008

Strike Force Commander turns two!!!

On April 20th 2006 (my birthday) I drafted my first document for the game that would become Strike Force Commander. Yesterday, I turned 38 and SFC turned 2.

As it turns out, I loaded my Publisher program on Friday and have been farting around with that. Pretty cool stuff. Now I'm getting ready to start an official re-write and add some new sections as well.

Joe can't turn off the Warp Field he wears that fries electronics, so he can't download my latest revisions so he and Scott can play with the new rules. Chas & Dan got theirs just fine, so I'm certain it's Joe's Warp Field that's doing it. Chas will have to use his Tech Priest powers to fix Joe's problem.

I recently discovered the .45 Adventure/Gloire/Fantastic Worlds Pulp skirmish games. Seriously, if I hadn't already put so much time and testing into SFC I might've just played with those rules instead. Rattrap Productions has done a bangup job.

There are some similarities between our games, in that we both use d10's, emphasize 'feel' of the periods, have clean mechanics, and go for the man-to-man level of action. Their rules are more cinematic and pulp fiction in their approach and mine are brutally realistic. For example, when a man gets shot in one of those games, he'll probably still keep fighting; while in mine, he's probably a pile of bone & guts.

I think once SFC hits the shelves, people will have a good choice between cinematic and gritty realism between our two rule sets alone.

Happy Birthday Strike Force Commander!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Painter's Block

Well, guess what? I have painter's block. I have some primed & base coated cowboys from Foundry sitting on my table and absolutely no interest in painting them.

I have some cool Artizan Fallschirmjager sitting on my table and not an ounce of interest in painting them.

I have some sweet looking Landsknecht conversions from Foundry with GW bits added that are sitting on my table, and I have no interest in painting them.

If I had someone close by, I'd play some Heroclix. But alas and forsooth, I'm stuck here writing a blog that nobody reads. And I have no desire to paint.

27 years of painting and modelling wargame miniatures does that too you I guess...