Saturday, February 2, 2013

If you build it they will fight!

I've been on the road a lot lately for work, but am finally at a reasonable stretch where I can knuckle down and build some boards.

Drew and Scott came over to help with concepts, layouts, shopping at Lowe's and in Drew's case risking digits to a box cutter as we measured, chopped, and glued insulation foam onto particle boards.

For what? You ask?

For two new Demo Table sets for Brink of Battle.  The main event is the Ruins of Vanis-Trymno, the fantasy city that has fallen into ruin over the last 500 years in my Epic Heroes game setting.

The other is a mining operation for Wild West gaming. 

No pics to follow, as we want the initial unveiling to be at ConQuest Sacramento April 5-7th.

After that we'll post pics and such to show the build progress and the final product.

Noch Weiter!