Friday, August 23, 2013

Sundry murmurings

My allergies are smashing my brain up right now, but I figured I'd squeeze in a quick post before I head out to my next appointment for work.

I have been a busy beaver of late.  In fact, with so much happening in my work and personal life, I have neglected my blog posts for everything else.

Latest news is we had a great demo day at Game Kastle in Santa Clara, California this past weekend.  Ray's team kicks ass in the customer service and sales categories.  Truly an enjoyable experience.

Drew, Alan, and Dan are currently scrubbing my full 273 Trait master list for editing and mechanical fixes.  That's 2/3's of the Epic Heroes book done right there.  I'm working on the Spells and then Magic is done.  Magic Gear will round it out, followed by the Plug & Play lists.

I'm almost ready to announce the winners of our Fiction contest.  I think I've got it narrowed down, and once I'm sure, I'll make the announcement.  So if you submitted, please be patient. :)

And yes, if you know me well at all, then you'll know that I'm still gasping for air from the horrible news that Ben Assflake is going to be Batman.  I'm devastated.  That prick killed the Daredevil franchise, and now he's going to screw up my most beloved and first hero.  Shit.

Ok, enough negativity.  I'm heading out and then this weekend will be getting the basement tidy so we can start our next massive painting project for Epic Heroes.  Gonna be fun!

Noch Weiter!