Thursday, January 8, 2009


Some years ago my little brother Alan and I were playing in a D&D 3rd edition game set in Greyhawk. I decided to play a Cleric of Cuthbert who was bald, wore heavy armor, and wielded a warhammer. Yeah, sure I was influenced by Warrior Priests of Sigmar from Warhammer, but what's a geek gonna do?

I called him Judge and he was a stern eyed badass. Sure, he was low level but he carried his balls in one hand and his hammer in the other. He had an Iron Cross branded or tattooed on his forhead (I don't remember which). Cuthbert's holy symbol was an equilateral cross and wearing it on his forehead was a lifestyle choice...

I attempted to make a suitable miniature of Judge, and was very close to finishing one, but just didn't quite get there for my taste. I ended up creating a Black Templar Chaplain that I named Judge and took a mild Eternal Champion attitude about this bald bastard who leveled evil to save Mankind, all the while chastizing Mankind for its lazy ineptitude! Not a very well liked guy, but then again, neither is the Punisher.

Here's Chaplain Judge in the flesh:
So this is the last piece of my Black Templars remaining. Haven't played in years, didn't like the new rules, yada yada....couldn't sell him off. He's like an alter ego for me. Sold the rest of the army, but not Judge.

While I like the look of the new Warhammer Empire Warrior Priest with Greathammer, I still need a real Judge model I can call my own. Something for Fantasy in addition to what I have for Sci-Fi.

The other day I was surfing miniature sites, since I had a big, busy day at work and lacked any psychological strength whatsoever upon returning home. So in my surfing I discovered a miniature range by Gamezone Miniatures that is pretty hit and miss, IMO, on its coolness factor.

The chaos knights are wicked cool and remind me of the original GW Warhammer Chaos Knights. Some of the other figs are so so. The Silvanus models are gorgeous, and I will have to use them as Wardancers at some point.

But for me, the coup de grace was finding Judge. In fact, he's even cooler than I thought. Now he's mounted, so I still need to get the GW one on foot and model him up a bit, but this guy is the cat's ass!!!

He's the bomb and a half! That hammer says 'AMEN' on the side of it. I sure wish I had thought of that when I created Judge back in that D&D game.
He's on his way from FRP Games right now. He's the last miniature I'm going to buy until I get my sweetheart an engagement ring.
Go forth and smash your way to victory!

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  1. Well, yesterday I got my package from FRP Games. Top notch service!

    He's AWESOME!!! I'm so gonna meditate on this bad boy so I have it exactly in my head what the finished product will look like before I put a brush to him.

    I've also decided that later I will buy another one of these and saw him in half at the waist to put him on the bottom half of an Empire Warrior priest and make a foot version with a shield.

    Happy Geek Dance!