Thursday, December 25, 2008

Just finished my first 30 Years' War mini!

Well, it's probably been a year or more since I picked up my paint brush. I'm painting up two strike forces for the Early Modern Period for my Strike Force Commander game, and decided I was not going to get too detailed. I figured, pun intended, that my days of highly detailed, painstaking paint jobs was no longer in my personal bag of interests. I was wrong.

I will take some photos after dinner to show you my first 28mm TYW Imperialist captain. It's too windy right now to top coat him, plus we're having company over for dinner and I don't wanna fume up the place.

I tried a new eye painting technique. I'm a harsh critic when it comes to eyes. It seems too few painters paint the eyelids and then have models that look perpetually horror struck. Better to just paint a dark slit in that case.

This time I did the eyes, primarily because they were sculpted in correctly on the model. After they dried, I not only painted in the eyebrows, though you'll never really see them, and then took a very thin wash of flesh color and sunk it over the whites and pupils. Its probably the most realistic set of eyes I've ever painted, since you wouldn't see a real person with huge whites staring at you from 100 feet away...

I'm doing Imperialists and Swedes for these two forces. The connective color for the Impi's will be red of course, and I'm doing some Blue brigade colors for the damn dirty Swedes.

I guess if I like a mini, I can't do a quick and dirty paint job on it.

Gotta eat some Christmas dinner, be back in a bit.


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