Monday, January 26, 2009

Got the flu and feeling blue

I feel icky. I'm afraid to fart. Got some kinda stomach flu that's giving me the trots. So, I'm home today taking care of myself and staying within striking distance of my toilet.

Yeah, you probably didn't need to hear that, but part of you is mildly amused anyway...

Maybe I'll go upstairs and continue painting on my spacemen and TYW figs. Maybe I won't. Feeling kinda mentally blah as well as physically blah.

I'm happy with the way the minis are looking so far, now I just need to finish them.

I've decided on a name for my space crew: Captain Judge and the crew of the Final Verdict.
Yeah, its cheeseball, but it should sound cooler when the whole 11 man/woman unit is finished.

I'll have to get off my ass and finish Strike Force Commander so I can use them to playtest the Epic Heroes Sci-fi/Fantasy/Pulp supplement.

Well, for today I'll just remove any and all expectations of myself and enjoy the day as best as my bowels will let me.

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