Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rome built in a day!

Well, in putting the finishing touches on my Strike Force Commander game, I recruited Drew & Bob to help me playtest Period 1 Ancient/Medieval.

We kicked some ideas around, and I think it was Bob who suggested Imperial Rome. Drew wanted to play some dirty Gauls and Bob wanted to have his scheming Praetorians. That left me to split the difference and have some veteran Legionaries and their Auxilia who were the remaining survivors of a Praetorian betrayal, and a Gaul slaughterfest.

We were going to start a 99 AD Strike Force Commander campaign, but alas, one of us hasn't painted his troops....and its not me or Drew!

We bought the Warlord Games plastics and were very pleased. I opened my box of Roman Veterans and my half box from the Auxilia plastics Bob & I split. I was armed with a can of Dark Tone dip from the Army Painter. I was resolved that I would get all 11 models I wanted to build for my strike force done in one day.

I started at 8am on a Saturday. I spent more time painting the team than I realized I needed to since the dip takes care of all the shading nuances. I finished painting and applied my last decal about 8 hours later.

I dipped the lot of them and had to wait 24 hours to finish the bases. Factoring out the cure time, my total time for 11 models from start to finish was about 12 hours. My Rome in a day! Or is that Dei? heh heh

I highly recommend the Warlord models and the Army Painter dip. These are gaming pieces and not art pieces, and all told, they look great on the board. Here they are:


  1. Brilliant! Very nicely done!

    What colour paints did you use on the romans to get the effect?

    I have some Warlord Games Romans and Army Painter Dark Tone :)

    Did you paint the shields before applying the transfers?

    Did you apply the transfers before or after the dip?



  2. Thanks for your feedback.

    I used GW blood red for the Romans and some Foundry & Reaper colors for the Auxilia.

    I painted everything first, and then slid the decals on. Once the decals set, I dipped them. I used a tissue to siphon off the excess dip that pooled in the bottom rim of the shields.

  3. What model did you used for your possessed, the four arm one? b/c i've been looking for a different take on possessed and i like yours. very nice btw :)

  4. I used a Tyranid plastic Genestealer body with a Slaanesh Fiend's head.

    Thanks for the kind words.