Saturday, February 19, 2011

AD 99

Here are some better close up shots of my Roman Legion Veterans lead by Brutus Maximus, as well as some group photos of Drew's Gaul Barbarians mixing it up with Brutus' Legion.

These are our forces for our AD99 game of Strike Force Commander.

All miniatures are Warlord plastics and we used Army Painter Quickshade.



  1. They look great.

    I am still learning how to use the Army Painter Quickshade.

    Which tone of Quickshade did you use?

    What colours did you use on the Romans and the Gauls?

    Many thanks for sharing :)

    Happy Gaming,


  2. I can't speak to the Gauls, as my friend Drew painted those. As for the Romans I used a bone color from Foundry paints on the Auxilia tunics and Blood Red from GW on the Roman tunics.

    The metal armors both chain and segmentata were done in Boltgun Metal from GW.

    I dip in Dark tone quickshade and do 13 hard shakes. Be sure to have a solid grip on the mini's base with pliers, as I rocketed the Minotaur across the length of my basement floor! You couldn't tell by looking at him, because I did some serious touch up.

    Hope this helps!