Thursday, February 24, 2011

Changing Roster

Well, a little while ago, Quan-Bai, the Battleworn Apostate, went on his monastic walk about. This left the Raven Guard with one man down.

During the next adventure, a mutual acquaintance named Khalad, recommended that a Dragon Sorceror named Argosin join forces with the RG in order to clear out a Githzerai temple that was infested with baddies. Here's a few pics of Argosin -

During the adventure, Jagger Kilmane was transported to a Githzerai monastery in the Elemental Chaos where he studied with Githzerai blade masters for 7 years. He refined his fighting style and returned just moments after he left the party with his shield melted down and reforged into another khopesh blade, and a bitchin crested helmet upon his head!

That's Jagger Kilmane, Father of Sorrows in his Wings of Sorrow stance wielding Razorwing & Killclaw, his magic khopesh swords. Get some!!!

Those are the two figs I painted while trying to pass my 9mm kidney stone this week!

Raven Guard, to arms!


  1. 2 great miniatures with superb paint jobs. I really like the weapons on the last one. Quite unusual.

  2. Thanks. They are two blades from the GW Dark Elf Executioners.

    I trimmed them down, so they wouldn't be freakishly long.