Monday, June 4, 2007


My sweetheart and I spent the weekend with our Landsknecht re-enactment guild at Valhalla Renaissance Faire. See my sidebar links for St. Maximilian's guild website.

We had a great time and I spent most of it banging on Donner, the guild drum. I play regular drums and was invited to play for the guild and learn our march beat this weekend. By the third procession I had it down and was quite at home in my puff & slash pounding away as the soldats behind me shouted "Noch Weiter!" in unison. Thanks to Tom for helping me learn the march.

Cool shit.

We'll be up there again this weekend. If you are dropping by please say hi. Ask for 'Anton' which is my character's name.

Oh yeah, nothing painted as usual. Tune in next time. Maybe I'll paint up some Landsknecht in 28mm....



  1. Hey Monkey!
    It was good to see you up there! We tried to find you on the way out but didn't see you.

    I almost have the new boards finished. Should have the pics up in a couple of days.

    Bobo the WebOgre

  2. Cool. Can't wait to see the new boards.

    I figured that you guys headed out. We were doing different processions & stuff and before I knew it the day was done.

    Don't know if you heard me drumming, but it was a BLAST!


  3. Hey Dude! Check this shit out:

    They're doing Spartans now!

    Woo Hoo!

  4. Yeah, I saw that last night and blew nut all over the desk....

    And they are Persian Wars era, not Peloppenisian with pylos helmets. Good old Corinthian helms! Someone was thinking about me.