Sunday, December 23, 2012

Swords & Boobies

I grew up in the 70's and was highly imprinted by the fantastic art of Frank Frazetta.  I was also inundated with hot women from 60's syndicated television shows like Star Trek & Batman. So my imprint was on shapely women, not Twiggy knock-offs.  Women like this:

So with that in mind, while writing the fantasy supplement to Brink of Battle, Epic Heroes, I was inspired to include some miniatures that captured this stereotype.  I mean let's face it, the fantasy genre is rife with sexuality, and is further fueled by the mythological archetype of the Damsel in Distress. 

Now, while I disagree with this premise, and personally don't view women in that way, I thought it would be theme appropriate for the 'era & genre' if I used some nekkid female harem girls as 'Objective' Markers for use with my Epic Heroes games.  Yeah, shameless, I know.

David Soderquist's Dead Earth Imperials range has such figures.  I wanted them totally nude, but the metal they are cast in is pretty unyielding, so I'll just paint them in their g-strings.  Here's our updated pics of Bob & Drew's Excellent Fantasy Adventure thread on the Lead Adventure Forum.

I'll get some paint on them soon, but for now the update is just primer.  Here's the rest of my bunch and Drew's Skaarsgard Marauders primed up.

And Drew's Vikings come Skaarsgard Marauders
Noch Weiter!


  1. I believe the term for ladies like this is Zaftig (as in Ral Partha's zaftig maiden). They certainly made an impression on me in my formative years (at least similar images of them did). I can remember a fierce debate raging in White Dwarf back in the early 80's about sexual stereotyping, the outcome being summed up by one reader " the current trend for images of females wearing chainmail bras or less, is one I happen to like" or words to that effect.

  2. That debate continues to this day. Glad most of us can see it in a more tongue in cheek light. :)