Tuesday, July 10, 2012


For the past seven years I have been observing my own personal holiday: Batmass.

It is the one day a year where I practice Unresponsibility. Not Irresponsibility; Unresponsibility. I get all of my duties in order, and have one whole day where I watch Batman movies and eat whatever I want. I don't make plans, I drift back and forth to the theater or have friends over to play Heroclix or Vs.

Usually its held on June 15th, which is when Batman Begins was first released. Unless there is a new Batman movie in that year, then Batmass is moved to the release date of that movie. Such is the case this year.

I really hope this last Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale film is beyond fantastic. I will go in with no expectations.

So next friday, go support the franchise!

Happy Batmass everyone!


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