Saturday, April 7, 2012

Epic Heroes!!!

Now that Brink of Battle has hit the streets and has been very enthusiastically received, its time to start the play testing for the Fantasy supplement, Epic Heroes!

Drew & I have been stocking up on fantasy minis for some time now from various and sundry manufacturers, and now its time to put brush to model and get it done.

David of Bronze Age Miniatures has totally captured my imagination with his Orc range. They look more like the 'beast-men' or mongrel men of Frank Frazetta's artwork, than they do of either Tolkein or Warhammer.

Drew & I put together an order that we are anxiously awaiting. Once we have some pix I'll post them up here.

And a new Jagger Kilmane is in the works. I think I have a new model conversion in mind for the Father of Sorrows. Stay tuned.

Noch Weiter!

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