Sunday, May 15, 2011

Uber Geeky Weekend

Drew came over saturday afternoon and we threw down some Strike Force Commander with our fantasy minis.

My Judicial Champions saw the addition of Leopold Stossel, a Knight Veteran with heavy armor and a halberd.

I was incorrect in my previous entry about his Wind Song Harmony; that's not the name of his cavalrymen. They are the Storm Flower Harvest, and are a real pain in my ass! :)

Our first game was a Retrieval Mission. We played on a 3x3' table, and it was kinda tight on space, but we still had fun. Drew won, and my boys finally put out more than one of his horsemen.

The second game was a Raid with me as the Intruder. We fought that one to a Draw, both of us failing Rout checks at the top of Turn 4.

Later Jim came over to get our Star Trek rpg characters designed. That was a blast.

Then today some of us went and saw Thor. Fantastic!!!

Great weekend of uber geekery!

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