Sunday, April 10, 2011

No New Paints, but new Rules galore!

Here we are coming up on the 5th Anniversary of Strike Force Commander's origin.

The good news is that I'm finished with the Trauma Table and am actively working on the rest of the Rest & Resupply section of the Campaigns chapter.

Which means that I don't have any new paint on minis, but I have bought a gob of old Marauder Miniatures Fighters to add to my Reiksguard, as well as some old Warhammer & D&D modules to help cultivate ideas for my Epic Heroes supplement.

I passed my kidney stone successfully. 5-6mm it was. I'll post a photo sometime in the near future.

And I've been out of town a lot for work. So, all told, I'm just quietly collecting new models and prepping my ruleset for use later in the month.

Noch Weiter!

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