Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well, you guessed it. I couldn't finish my damn game. The low pressure kept fatiguing me over the weekend and I lost about 11 hours to a coma fest on the couch.

I hate being weak. One day my UPS shipment will arrive with my Christian Bale body that I ordered back in aught 3 and I'll be right!

So, suffer through more of my useless drivel and unispired non-paint work while I pick away at the Combat Actions chapter of Strike Force Commander.

Looking forward to Terminator Salvation this weekend. Batman with an autorifle makes for an awesome film.....

Oh, and just in case any of you gits want to comment on my posts, oh I don't know, to maybe let me know you're reading this, then you can do so with ease as I opened up the comment section to anybody who wants to leave a pithy quip or mind flayer tentacle dangling from my posts....

I'm gonna eat pizza and watch tv. I'm an expert at that!



  1. Enjoyed seeing your figures. I'm about to start a venetian 25mm DBA-HX project myself, so it was great to see a completed army. I know you'd rather be out pumping iron, but pizza on the couch sounds pretty good too!


  2. Glad you enjoy them. I'll be auctioning my Germans & Austrians this weekend, so look out for them if you're in the market for these babies!