Sunday, February 8, 2009

What I've painted lately & my special project revealed!

Well, its been a hectic month. Work has picked up considerably and I've been pretty wiped out. However, I've been poking here and there at my figures and here's what I've done in the past several weeks.

My first announcement is that my secret project is my Blue Moon Spacemen with bubble helmets. I converted their pulp style weapons into real guns and am using them for my Traveller ship crew.

The color schemes are different for each member of the crew. Command & Control is red; Science is blue; and Engineering is yellow/gold. Yes, inspired by Star Trek. Go with what works I say.

This is before the addition of the bubble helment. Here's a tip, use a non CA glue for the helmets. I used CA and the damn helmet started to fog up.

I'll probably have to pop the helmet, shave it down some more and re-attach it with tacky glue. Wish I had've thought about that first.

Here's some more finished Thirty Years' War Imperialists starting with the Cuirassier on foot and followed by the pikeman converted to a Pistolier.

And finally a pic of all three Imperialists together ready to defend the Habsburg Dynasty!

Well, that's all for now. Gotta start the big auctions soon for Project Engagement Ring. Painted FOW Fallschirmjager, DBA Germans & Austrians to sell off. Stay tuned!


  1. Hey Faust,

    I like the blackened armour a lot. Any hints how you achieved it? My cuirassiers have lost a bit of their "glamour" after varnishing, but I'm still not quite happy with their appearance.

    Maybe you answered it already, but for which rules do you intend to use your Kaiserliche? Skirmish games, I presume?


  2. Thanks for your kind feedback.

    My blackened armor technique involves Bolt Gun Metal from GW and Reaper's Black Ink.

    I base coat in Bolt Gun then once it has sufficiently dried, I glaze it with 100% Black Ink and let dry. Depending on how heavy it settles I may need to go back with a mix of the two and build it up, but usually I don't. This armor was done once. No touch ups.

  3. All my current paint work is for my skirmish game and its sci-fi/fantasy supplement. It's called Strike Force Commander and it is an historical all periods ruleset.

  4. Interesting technique, I'll try that myself. ;)
    Regarding your own rules set: Are there any pics or reports of a game online? You know, I'm kind of a rules collector - so I'm always interested in new stuff...


  5. Actually, I'm in the middle of what should be my final rewrite. I'm distracted by painting at the moment, but feel my writing chops coming back online. I'll keep you posted on my development.

  6. Faust try the new GW washes, the black wash might give you a similar look to the the ink wash but it drys to a nice matt

  7. When are you going to post some more stuff on eBay? God, you're fucking slow...

  8. This week. I officially proposed to Babydoll yesterday. So now I've got to ebay the remaining armies to finish paying for the ring!

    Thanks for asking you big lug! I bet I get something on ebay before you update your blog!!!

    heh heh heh, feel the burn biotch!

    Talk to you soon bro.


  9. Fat chance since I updated the day before you responded to this.