Sunday, April 6, 2008

Painter's Block

Well, guess what? I have painter's block. I have some primed & base coated cowboys from Foundry sitting on my table and absolutely no interest in painting them.

I have some cool Artizan Fallschirmjager sitting on my table and not an ounce of interest in painting them.

I have some sweet looking Landsknecht conversions from Foundry with GW bits added that are sitting on my table, and I have no interest in painting them.

If I had someone close by, I'd play some Heroclix. But alas and forsooth, I'm stuck here writing a blog that nobody reads. And I have no desire to paint.

27 years of painting and modelling wargame miniatures does that too you I guess...


  1. I read your blog mate......

    anyway don't worry about painters block I get it fairly often, it lasts for a few weeks and then goes and I'm back on track painting like a banshee

    go and do something else for a bit, the figures will still be there when you get back

  2. Thanks for reading Mike. I think my block has been due to an over abundance of other responsibilities tying up my brain. One by one they are getting resolved and off my plate. Today was one such occasion.

    I also have been lacking in the inspiration department lately. After picking up Osprey's lastest WWII Assault Tactics book I've become more invigorated to finish my FJ figs and build some bombed out Italian buildings for my skirmish game.



  3. Painter's Block? Oh, so very yes, I've been there! I've had a battalion of 7YW Prussians sat on my painting table for three weeks, and finally, yesterday, I picked up a paintbrush - now they're 3/4 finished. it will come, amigo, it will come.

  4. What scale and manufacturer are your SYW Prussians?